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Plain clothes detective John Courtney, Dublin Murder Squad, pictured second from right, with other detectives and uniformed Gardai in the lane where Seamus Ludlow was murdered. The photograph dates from the day after the crime was committed.This photograph, said to date from the day after Seamus Ludlow's body was discovered in May 1976, shows members of the Gardai investigation team in the lane at the scene of the crime. Just what they were looking for remains a mystery.

Second from right, in plain clothes, is the now retired Dublin-based  Garda murder squad detective John Courtney. Mr. Courtney  is reported to have received a file, identifying at least three Loyalist suspects for Seamus Ludlow's murder from the RUC in Belfast in 1979. The existence of this file was never made known to the Ludlow family, who were still being told that there were no other suspects. No action of any kind was taken against the suspects by either the Gardai or the RUC until their arrest in 1998. 

Lisdoo Arms public house Pictured here is the Lisdoo Arms public house on the N1 road just north of Dundalk, the last place where Seamus Ludlow was seen drinking on the night of 1 May 1976. There are reports that in the days after his murder, the Gardai were given information from a member of the public which identified a British soldier who was inside this bar at around the same time. They were also given the registration number of a car with three men inside that was parked nearby. This information was published by the late Michael Cunningham, in his book Monaghan County of Intrigue in 1979.

Right: In this photograph, taken at Ravensdale's Catholic cemetery, north of Dundalk, in County Louth,  Kevin Ludlow, (left), the only living brother of Seamus,  stands with his nephew Jimmy Sharkey at the grave of Seamus Ludlow.

Grave of Seamus Ludlow - Ravensdale cemetery, Dundalk

Seamus Ludlow, dressed as Santa Claus

Left: In this newspaper photograph, Seamus Ludlow, dressed as Santa Claus, poses with his sister-in-law Kitty Ludlow (now deceased) and two of her sons Peadar and Brendan. Seamus often played the role of Santa Claus around Dundalk at Christmas time. One newspaper at the time of his murder headlined its story with "Who killed Santa Claus?"

The following photographs of the late Seamus Ludlow's mother, a brother and a step brother who are now deceased. They lived with the pain of his loss but they did not see compassion from the authorities. They all died without justice, and without hearing of the true extent of the cover-up that protected Seamus Ludlow's Loyalist killers.

Annie Ludlow R.I.P., died January 1978, mother of Seamus Ludlow. Mrs. Ludlow was elderly and ill when her son was murdered. She died without ever being told the truth of her son's death. To spare her even greater heartbreak, she was instead told that he was killed in a traffic accident. She was predeceased by her husband James in 1967. 

Paddy Ludlow R.I.P., Seamus Ludlow's brother, who died on 8th. November 1991, aged 66 years. Paddy lived at Marian Park, Dundalk. He was predeceased by his wife Kitty, on 22 January 1981. Paddy was one of the first witnesses to arrive at the scene of his brother's murder on the afternoon of 2 May 1976. Accompanied by his brother Kevin, who still leads the Ludlow family's campaign for a public inquiry and justice, Paddy went out searching for his brother that Sunday morning. Neither he nor his brother were present at the inquest on 19 August 1976. Their absence was due to the family's exclusion from the proceedings.

Barney Larkin, R.I.P., Seamus Ludlow's step brother, who died on 3rd. September 1994, aged 72 years. Barney, who lived at Bachelors Walk, Dundalk, passed away only a few weeks after his wife Margaret ("Peggy"), who died on 27th. July of that year.

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