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The Dundalk Democrat, 15 February 2006:

Seamus Ludlow Oireachtas Hearings

Moloney calls for full public inquiry

by Anne Marie Eaton

SEamus Ludlow: murdered by UDR/Red Hand Commando 2 May 1976Journalist Ed Moloney has joined calls for a full public inquiry saying many questions still need to be answered in relation to Seamus Ludlow's murder.

"There is an elephant in the room and everyone is pretending it is not there. It is time to talk about that elephant," he has told the Oireachtas Committee.

He said he supported the Ludlow family's call for a public inquiry.

"Only a full public inquiry with all the necessary powers, can even begin to make recompense to them for the ordeal they have suffered.

"Today, I gladly associate myself with the demands made by this family and human rights groups.

"It is also too late for apologies," he said.

"Apologies this late in the day from those who abused him and them are simply not good enough."

Mr Moloney, who now lives in America interviewed a man who admitted to being present when Seamus Ludlow was murdered in 1976.

The interview was featured in The Sunday Tribune in March 1998.

In the Barron Report into Seamus' murder the man is smply referred to as person No 1.

In addressing the Committee he said that the Ludlow murder was a 'scandal'.

Journalist Ed Moloney, who spoke to the Ouireachtas Committee  - pictured here speaking on Seamus Ludlow's 25th anniversary at the scene of the murder."I have called the Seamus Ludlow affair a 'scandal' because that is what it is. If the members of the Ludlow family were wealthy or had political connections, I doubt they would have had to wait 30 years for this day.

"As ordinary and vulnerable working class citizens of this State, they were treated in a most abominable fashion simply because they were weak and could not fight back."

He said that the accusations that Seamus had been murdered by the IRA had a disastrous effect on the Ludlow family.

"The family was, as a result, deeply and bitterly divided, one against the other, for two decades and rendered incapable of mounting a cohesive and effective effort to discover the truth behind Seamus Ludlow's death."

"It is surely not without significance that the family could only really come together again as a single unit to search for the truth when the journalist, Joe Tiernan, came to them in 1995, with Garda sourced information that loyalists, not the IRA, had killed Seamus."

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Download the Barron Report from the Oireachtas website (pdf file)


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