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Latest Revised: November 15, 2005.

The Sunday Life, 6 November 2005:

'Murder car' man feels like a victim

A loyalist who admitted being present when Seamus Ludlow was murdered claims he has been left feeling like a 'victim'.

Former UDA man Paul Hosking, from Newtownards, was one of four men named last week by Mr Justice Henry Barron, in his report on the 1976 murder of the Dundalk man.

He admitted being in the car which carried Ludlow to his death, but denied any involvement in his murder.

Ludlow was collected in a car in the centre of Dundalk and shot, and his body dumped near his home outside the town.

Hosking said: "I was in the car and we picked up this guy (Ludlow).

"The guy got out of the car to go to the toilet and he was shot."

Hosking, who has been questioned twice by police on this side of the border in relation to the murder, is now considering making a submission to the Irish Justice Committee.

The IJC will consider the Barron report in January.

"I feel like I am a victim, it is awful for my family and they have gone through hell," added Hosking.

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